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Our Expertise

Non destructive Testing, Advanced NDT, Welding Inspection, Material Testing, Fracture & Failure Investigation, Thickness Guaging, Coating & painting thickness measurement, Expediting, Remedial Life Assessment service, Plant Inspection & Certification.

Non - Destructive Testing

Welding & QC Inspection


Destructive Testing


*Radiographic Testing - Gamma - Ir 192, Se 75

*Radiographic Testing - Directional X-ray

* Radiographic Testing - Pipeline X-ray Crawler

* Ultrasonic Testing - Welds, Materials

* Magnetic Particle Testing - Carbon steel material

* Penetrant Testing - Low alloy material, Stainless steel

Eddy Current Testing

* Paint Coating thickness Measurement - Steel base and non steel base

* Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging



* HOKLAS Accredited Test for specifc standards as listed in HKAS directory



Fracture & Failure Investigation


Our Failure anaylst provides you with Root cause analysis, recommendation for improvement, change in design, processes, materials

Advisor on prevention of failures

Lead time for fracture / failure investigaiton is between 4 -7 weeks 


FEM & Stress Analysis Studies


Welding Consultancy

Preparation of Preliminary Welding Procedures

Welding Procedure Approval Test witness

Production Welding Inspection

Verification of filler wire & materials

welder training & qualification

Supply of Welding Inspector

Supply of Sr Welding Inspector

Supply of Welding Specialist

Vendor Evaluation Audits

Preshipment Inspection Audits

Third Party Inspection in Mainland

Mechanical - Pull out Testing - Onsite


Donguan Laboratory

Tensile Test

Impact Test

Hardness Test

Macro  Examination

Bend Test

Partenered Laboratory Test

Fatigue Test

Stress Corossion test



Surveyors & Expeditors


Supply of Engineers

Supply of QC Inspectors

Supply of Welding, Painting professionals

Supply of QC Engineers, supervisors

Supply of Document controller

Third Party inspection services

Third Party Checker Services



SNT - TC-1A Training & Certification Program


ISO 9712 NDT Programs partenered with ANSA TIC Veritas (S) Pte Ltd  & Wens Quality Assurance (HK) Ltd for Level 1, 2 & 3





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