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Contract No. GSPD/SP/TKW-NP/089/2011

Installation of Submarine Gas Pipelines and Associated Facilities

from To Kwa Wan to North Point for Former Kai Tak Airport Development

ASTAR Successfully completed the 5km twin submarine pipe line project.
ASTAR was the appointed IIA ( Independent Inspection Authority) to monitor the quality of welding, coating and NDT. Client, Contractor, IIA, work hand in hand to delivery quality workmanship.
On the same project ASTAR also provide the pipeline Radiographic Crew & provide round the clock service to meet project needs.
Towngas Pipeline

ASTAR consistently performed to a high standard within a tight schedule and under stringent quality and safety standards. The staff showed dedication and diligence in the execution of the works and were an outstanding contributor to the success of the project. Their employees were proven to have the technical skills and experience to achieve the required standard for such a challenging project. The works were executed on schedule with the highest level of safety


Mr. Courteney WILD

Marine Construction Manager - McDow

Sludge Treatment Facility - Boiler & Turbine

Astar succesfully contributed 20000 man hours without LTI. The safest delivery in Testing & Inspection


Astar succesfully completed the Radiographic works using X-ray, Gammar Ray Ir 192 & Se 75 Isotopes


Congrats to RT & NDT Crew

MTRC Construction Projects

ASTAR completed NDT services for the following MTR contracts

C 1103- Shatin to Central Libnk Hin Keng to Diamond Hill

C1107 - Daimond Hill to Kai Tak Tunnels

ERL Contract 811B, WKT Approach Tunnel (south)

Contract 771, HKU Station

SCL 1102- Hin Keng Station and Approach structures


Contract 1109, SUW and TKW stations and Tunnels EEP at To Kwa Wan Station

Highways & Buildings Projects

ASTAR completed NDT services for the following Highway & other projects

Contract HY/2009/08 Widening of Tolo Highway

HK 200902 Wanchai Development phase 2

08/HY/2018- Management and maintanence of road in NT west 2009-2015

Survey of Amusement Ride

C360 - Macau

HKIA - Airport Airside Barrier

Cosntruction of Butterfly Valley Fresh Water

Construction of Xiqu Centre - West kowloon cultural district



CLP Power
Water Seepage Test
BD Term Contract

CLP Black Point Gas Supply Project

CLP Road Improvement work at Fu on Street substation

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